The Premise

“It’s being described as the biggest social revolution since the baby boomer generation. Almost two million Australians live alone, with solo dwellers the fastest-growing housing demographic in the country. In fact, by 2026, the single-person household is predicted to eclipse the number of nuclear families in Australia.” Lollie Barr – Marie Claire 2012*

A brand new inter-generational, multi-playwright project responding to the prediction that by 2020, one in three living arrangements in Sydney will be that of one-person households. Developed by creative producer and new work Director Augusta Supple – The Mayday Playwrights Festival (2013), A View From Moving Windows (2012), I Contain Multitudes (2012), Stories from the 428, (2010) - and supported by a professional production team of some of Sydney’s most respected independent artists, this project explores the rising trend of the single person in society.

Offering an insight into the lives of many, Singled Out is a kaleidoscopic series of portraits – colliding and intersecting – revealing flights of fancy, the gentle musings or the robust reflections on what it means to be living alone in a thriving dynamic city.

*The Rise of Single Living Households by Lollie Barr for Marie Claire 2012

Singled Out is part of the 2013 Reginald Season.

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